Global Clinical Trial Partners Selects AG Mednet for its Endpoint Adjudication Platform

GLASGOW, Scotland and BOSTONSept. 6, 2018 — Global Clinical Trial Partners (GCTP) has chosen AG Mednet’s Judi as its sole technology provider to deliver its enhanced, rigorous, single-vendor endpoint adjudication services to its clients. GCTP’s independent adjudication offering focuses on management of clinical event committees (CECs). The company provides endpoint adjudication for clinical trials as well as bespoke clinical trial consultancy, with a team of world-renowned clinical trial experts and academics in concert with pharmaceutical industry experts.

With Judi, GCTP will deliver a robust end-to-end, technologically advanced adjudication solution for clients by implementing their expertise in a concise, reproducible and efficient set of workflow methodologies that have been tried and tested in dozens of projects over more than 25 years.

GCTP works collaboratively with clients to determine an approach that best suits their unique needs and handles development of the endpoint process from start to finish. The company manages all aspects of the CEC process from small, single-center to large multinational, multi-center studies. Specific to adjudication, through Judi, GCTP provides:

  • Endpoint data capture via eCRF
  • Endpoint process management
  • Integration of the CEC process within trial frameworks
  • Overall electronic adjudication system development
  • Adjudication data packet assembly

According to Professor Mark Petrie of GCTP, “AG Mednet’s Judi software is the perfect fit for our bespoke adjudication solutions. The flexibility of their software allows us to easily implement workflow that not only enhances endpoint data quality, but also makes the end-user experience positively enjoyable.”

AG Mednet’s Judi helps advance clinical trials, serving as the first comprehensive electronic endpoint adjudication system to manage workflow and ensure data quality. Judi is an integrated, cloud-based SaaS tool providing a level of flexibility that enables the implementation of the most complex endpoint and adverse event processes, translating into more easily managed projects, fewer queries, higher accountability and increased quality.

“Global Clinical Trial Partners is unique in a number of important ways. Not only have they published pioneering peer-reviewed articles in the most important journals in the world, but they have brought their clinical expertise to a level where sponsors can benefit from their experience.  Their customer-centric approach to endpoint adjudication represents a breath of fresh air in the industry. Using Judi as the technology backbone to power their processes is a perfect solution to what is already among the most comprehensive, efficient and accurate approaches to adjudication,” said Abraham Gutman, president and CEO, AG Mednet.

About AG Mednet

AG Mednet is the leading quality compliance partner for image data submission and collection, as well as endpoint adjudication and adverse event adjudication workflows. The company is a leading proponent of zero-delay clinical trials and has supported more than 1,100 global trials. Dozens of adjudication protocols are managed by sponsors and CROs using Judi. More than 58,000 registered users across thousands of investigator sites in more than 80 countries use AG Mednet to adjudicate myriad events in projects sponsored by each of the world’s top pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.