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At GCTP we pride ourselves on quality, efficiency and accuracy. As a client you can expect the highest level of professional service from GCTP. We have extensive experience working with various regulatory bodies; this expertise will minimize operational delays.

Excellent customer service, high quality standards and effective service delivery are our hallmark.

Why choose us over other adjudication providers?

  1. Expertise – Our committee members are incredibly experienced adjudicators and have worked together for many years in multiple disease areas.  We do not use inexperienced research fellows and our turn over of committee members is incredibly low.
  2. Quality – Our processes are rigorous and have been honed over several years. We can create the process from scratch for you or give advice on how to optimize your proposed process.
  3. Focused – Clinical trial endpoint adjudication is our primary focus as a company.


Global network of experts

In addition to the experience of our core leadership team, we have a network of clinical experts from the highest levels of academia available to join our committees. Our experts are part of our extended research network. We know each one personally and have selected them for their clinical knowledge, experience with clinical trials, CECs and their responsiveness.

  • Our network are respected leaders in their fields with experience in endpoint adjudication
  • Wide variety of backgrounds, therapeutic areas and specialties
  • For each project we will work with the client to determine the optimal make-up of the CEC.


Full Service Adjudication Solution

GCTP brings a level of expertise to the comprehensive endpoint adjudication process that is un-paralleled. We understand the scientific and operational nuances of executing trials with an adjudication component. All too often, pharma and biotech companies find themselves having to contract with multiple vendors to coordinate the overall process.  Ideally, there should be no need to work with multiple providers and doing so can lead to increased costs and potentially risk the overall quality of your program. GCTP can provide the full- service adjudication solution that clients can depend upon to effectively manage the end to end process in a cost- effective manner and with a high level of quality.


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